Monday, March 23, 2009

Outbound Call Centers - My View

I know, I know -- you really do get a lot of moolah just by working in outbound call centers in the Philippines. Sometimes, it's really pathetic how a manager or a supervisor receives lesser pay than those who call strangers in different countries around the world. Fair? No. Cruel? Slightly. Amusing? A resounding yes.

For those who don't know what outboud call centers are, they are call centers where call agents make outbound calls to their business client's customers. Calls that are made from it range from telemarketing to sales, to updating contact lists, to fund-raising and verifying information. The list goes on and on -- it really depends on the preference of the client.

The reason why it pays so much is that not everyone can stomach rejection. Have you ever watched these call center agents in action? Typical scenario:

Call Center Agent: Hello Mrs.____. This is Brad Miller. I’m calling from ____ company because I would like to offer ---
Call Center Agent: Yes, ma’m? No, this will not take a few ---
Call Center Agent: Hello? Mrs.____? Are you there? Hello…?

Yes, that’s what you normally hear, and believe me, it’s gone so familiar already that it’s boring to hear already.

Now the question is: Will I do this work if given the chance? Sure, why not? I’m a pachyderm, so rejection never really bothered me. However, those outbound call centers should make sure that they give me a good screen name. Or else.